Turbulence and complexity must be met by an organizational lightness that emphasizes intelligence, creativity and ideas.
Italo Calvino, Lezioni Americane 1985
Italo Calvino, Lezioni Americane 1985


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Some info about us

We believe in innovation and in making processes more efficient, we focus on the development and diffusion of technologies, we rely on our network and we face the challenges of the market through hard work and professional training.
  • 2012
    EfficiencyKNow was founded in December 2012, a start up of ideas and projects based on the professional path of the two founding partners, which came from the sectors of strategic consulting, regulation and audit of energy and industries. They have built a tight-knit team, passionate for energy and ICT.
  • Efficiency means knowledge (KNOWledge) and immediacy (NOW): knowledge of abilities, and immediacy in achieving results.
  • EfficiencyKNow is a company that aims to be reference point in the world of energy efficiency. EfficiencyKNow is a network, characterized by a high standard of professionalisms with an ethical  and professional approach.
  • Efficiency means to achieve results by exploiting the available resources, and afterwards the ability to maximize the return on energy invested.
  • 2015
    EfficiencySchool was founded in June 2015. The academy provides training courses in energy efficiency for professionals of the sector.